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Why Consider the Electrician Services of Mister Sparky?

With the advancement in technology, the application of electricity has widened from homes, commercial and industrial spaces. Mister Sparky, an electric company founded in 1996 by Patrick Kennedy in Atlanta, Georgia now serving Shallotte, NC region, has been offering unmatchable electric installation, upgrades and repairs

Although, electrical installation and repair may appear to be an easy straightforward activity, it is actually a demanding task that requires one to be skilled, knowledgeable and keen on fine details. In absence of these, electrification may get faulty or regrettably cause fires, electrocution and death. Mister Sparky, however, values professionalism and expertise with customer satisfaction preceding all.

Other than the typical roles of an electrician, Mister Sparky goes beyond service delivery into efficiency, effectiveness, safety and customer satisfaction. Below are some alluring elements that will make you consider our company for electrician services related functions:


At Mister Sparky, we understand that time is an irredeemable variable that needs to be well managed. Our electrician services are offered on time with a promise that if our personnel show up late, you will not pay a single dime for the services.


Our Mister Sparky employees have been cultured to always be professional in service delivery. We are trained on engaging clients courteously, with respect, patient and honest in deals and responding to questions, trustworthy and accountable. A thorough scrutiny is done by a board when an electrician services are being inducted.


Mister Sparky electrician services are geared towards precision and most optimal use. The pool of experts is able to do an excellent job be it installation, repair, wiring or even lighting. Besides, who would by-pass a fully baked cake for a half-baked one.

Repair and Maintenance Guaranteed

There is no best market offer than that which allows you to take back a product for repair or servicing once it begins to wear out. Mister Sparky’s electrician services do not just halt at installation, once you enter into a pact with us you have a guaranteed that our technicians will do the repairs and if faulty replace at no extra charge.

Clean Electrical Works

At Mister Sparky® of Myrtle Beach our electrician understand that their works should not in any way inconvenience your space. Once we are done with installation, wiring, lighting or repairs we ensure our technical team clean up their mess so that space can be of use immediately. Besides, the client is not charged for cleaning.


Once an electrical problem is fixed, the electrician will let you know the costs accrued to avoid surprise bills. Our replacement and return policy is clear: if a product fails to function within the first year because of a technical hitch, it is replaced or repaired at no cost to the owner. The straightforwardness begets your peace of mind.

Resourceful Employees

Mister Sparky prides in having a pool of seasoned electricians who steer forward the company’s goal and objectives. Employees have to meet laid down threshold in order to join the team of professionals following vigorous test and examination.

Performance Recognition

Electrician services at Mister Sparky has without a doubt been noticed not only customers but by energy regulatory and association. In fact, it has the Home Advisor approval and a top rated listing, A+ BBB accreditation, Diamond dealer title and 2017 Angies List Super Service Award.

In addition, positive customer reviews show how great and reliable this company is on all electrical problems. If a customer gives a thumbs up, it is evident we must have been best served to appreciate work done and refer other clients.

Mister Sparky Electrician Services – Shallotte, NC


A licensed electrician is always on duty to respond to emergency electrician services problem offering same day services. They are trained to carefully and safely handle electrical works, repairs and upgrades effectively to customer’s expectations. What’s more, a general electrician will skillfully answer all queries and concerns detailing on dos and don’ts.


Our team of electrician will help light up your home or office space improving the aesthetics as well as enhancing the ambience. The company provides a range of lighting systems that are automated. The boon is in the use of energy efficient products that help you save on costs while still getting the best use out of the same source.


While wiring may appear as a straightforward exercise, this is far from the reality. Wiring entails setting a whole electrical system of either 120 volts or 240 volts safely as per the National Electrical Code and the National Fire Protection Association provisions. Knowledge and expertise in wiring is needed which is offered at Mister Sparky® of Myrtle Beach. Remember, if circuit wiring is not done correctly, it may subject people to a future hazard through electrocution.


Mister Sparky also boast of extensive experience and expertise in handling ceiling fans; installation/mounting, wiring, re-wiring, tightening and repairs for all models and designs. The electric switch controls the clockwise and anticlockwise movement of blades. Advancement in technology has led to improvement from the 1860 stream powered ceiling fans to electric motor fan which have various designs, shapes and sizes. Some of the commonly known ceiling fans are cast-iron, stack- motor, direct drive and belt driven.

In repairing ceiling fans, the common challenge is fan wobbling where blades get misaligned and need to be re-aligned in order to run smoothly.

You can visit our website for more information about who the company is, our services, policies and rules of engagement.

Mister Sparky is your trusted electrician for any electrical problems at home and in commercial set up. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed!