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Electrical Safety Inspections and Code Compliance

Is your electrical system up to code?

Up to what?!

Up to code. All electrical systems need to comply with the National Electrical Code (NEC) — the standard for electrical equipment and installation in the United States.

You probably have several code violations in your home. Extension cords, overstuffing junction boxes, faulty wiring — these are just some of NEC violations that could pose a significant safety hazard.

What is the NEC?

The NEC sets the standard for electrical equipment and installation in the U.S. All new homebuilders have to adhere to the code. The problem is, homeowners often break the code when they install new wiring or carry out home improvement projects without consulting a professional.

What are the Benefits of Code Compliance?

Complying with the NEC improves safety and saves you money in the long run. When you adhere to the code, you could improve the safety of you and your family, prevent electric shocks and fires, and face fewer electrical repairs if you sell your home in the future.

How Do You Improve Compliance?

There is only one way to improve compliance and adhere to the NEC. Hiring a professional to carry out an electrical safety check in your home will identify any code violations so you can make quick changes that improve safety.

A professional electrician like Mister Sparky can perform an electrical inspection without any of the fuss. A trained expert will inspect your electrical systems, power outlets, electrical appliances, and more, to ensure that your home is safe.

What Happens After Your Inspection?

After your inspection, a good electrician will help you bring your home up to code. This might include removing or installing electrical equipment, upgrading outlets, or rewiring your home electrical system.

Once you have improved compliance, regular maintenance is essential. Taking out a protection plan will ensure you receive an annual check-up of your electrical systems, as well as other benefits, for a small monthly fee.

Want to adhere to NEC safety guidelines and improve safety in your home? Hire Mister Sparky for a full home electrical safety check. As a result, you can reduce the risk of electric shocks and fire, and even increase the chances of selling your home. Contact Mister Sparky now to contact Mister Sparky now and receive a free estimate.