The Operational System

Don’t Reinvent the Wheel—Utilize the Proven OpX® System

Experienced and inexperienced business owners alike have to develop systems that allow their businesses to grow. Without clear practices, proven strategies, or an efficient system, revenue will stagnate and customer calls will slow to a trickle. One of the best resources an owner could ask for is a proven, tested and fully integrated system for business growth, and that’s exactly what Mister Sparky® provides with the OpX® System.

  • Success Academy: Employee and owner training designed to develop and grow your talent pool, including technical training.
  • Successware: Business management software created with the residential service contractor in mind.
  • Marketing System: A marketing toolbox with access to a marketing expert who can help you maximize leads, customers, and revenue with minimal spend.
  • Operational Excellence: The manual that answers every question you might have about running a skilled trade business.
  • BuyMax Rebates & Discounts: Branded products sold through BuyMax helps keep overhead low while providing your customers with the very best equipment.

The OpX System, combined with the guidance of a peer-to-peer owner network and the mentorship of a Franchise Business Consultant, provides our owners with one of the most effective growth systems in the entire residential franchise industry.

Grow Beyond Your Limits

The Mister Sparky Operational System offers our owners a chance to not only avoid the common pitfalls of business ownership but to utilize decades of collective business experience to build a strong, healthy business from the ground up. Our system helps owners account for the cost of doing business, set budgets, price services, create inventory controls, manage unhappy customers, create an exit strategy, all while providing them with sustainable practices that keep them happy and fulfilled.

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