Marketing for Mister Sparky Franchise Owners

Generate More Leads, Grow Revenue & Retain More Customers

Most business owners don’t start their businesses just to become full-time marketers. For many owners, marketing is a chore—a task that gets in the way of what they really want to do.

On the other hand, there are other owners who enjoy testing out new ways to attract and retain customers, build revenue, and use marketing spend more efficiently.

Regardless of where you land, Mister Sparky® provides our franchise owners with a marketing system that adapts to their needs and goals. Want to operate the levers of your own marketing campaigns? Our marketing toolbox lets you do just that. Want an expert to handle your marketing while you focus on completing jobs and dispatching technicians? Our marketing system is built for that too.

Our owners all receive the following marketing tools as part of their fully integrated system:

  • Marketing Toolbox: Our owners get a complete toolset of social media posts, social media ads, direct mail materials, TV and radio ads, and customizable materials designed to attract customers in your territory.
  • On-Call Marketing Coach: Every owner has their own marketing coach to help them manage advertising spend and maximize their market presence and leads.
  • Website: Every owner has a locally optimized website to help drive traffic to their business.

You Do Good Work & Let Your Marketing Do the Rest

Part of our growth nationwide is due to our incredible marketing system that turns Mister Sparky businesses into finely-tuned marketing machines. Whether you’re looking for a marketing partner or for someone to take the marketing side off your hands, Mister Sparky’s industry-leading marketing system is the toolbox you need.

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