Business Management Technology for Franchise Owners

Successware™: Integrated Business Management & Mobile Systems Solutions

Efficiency is king when it comes to running an electrical service business. Efficiency allows our owners to generate revenue faster and lay the groundwork for rapid growth. That’s why Mister Sparky® wanted to equip our owners with a fully integrated business management solution designed to make running their company as straightforward and smooth as possible.

Successware is the technology solution our owners have been looking for their entire professionalcareers. Our software platform helps owners manage every aspect of their businesses, from call dispatch and inventory management to generating balance sheets and comparing technician performance. Successware gives owners the ability to view their business’ health from every angle, equipping them to invest in their strengths and fortify their weak spots with unprecedented accuracy.

Mobile Technology for Mister Sparky® Franchise Owners

Successware™ also equips technicians to complete jobs more smoothly and efficiently than ever. Technicians can receive and accept calls, upsell customers, adjust inventory in real time from the field, and collect payment all within the same system. Our system works on all mobile platforms, including iPads, iPhones, and Android devices.

  • Automatically capture and store customer information
  • Dispatch calls while automatically mapping the fastest driving route
  • Automatically email or text customers on arrival time
  • Track potential sales and manage opportunities
  • Manage projects and job costs alongside inventory
  • Manage sales and sales performance
  • Create and manage invoices and accounts receivable
  • Handle accounting, including income, profit/loss, and more
  • Manage payroll with timecards, commission, and ADP/QuickBooks integration

Our business management software contains everything an electrical service contractor needs to stay organized and profitable. We can make that promise because our system was designed specifically for residential contractors. Unaffiliated, independent contractors have to piece together their software from whatever is cheapest or popular, but our owners get an all-in-one solution that integrates into every part of their business.

Successware and the rest of the Mister Sparky® franchise system have allowed our owners to grow their businesses through both boom and bust conditions. While many businesses are struggling right now, Mister Sparky® has set our owners up for success, helping them to find growth and opportunities where other people see obstacles. If you want a business that’s equipped to thrive under tough conditions, then speak with us today!

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