Why Mister Sparky?

The Reason Owners Are Joining Our Electrical Service Franchise

You want a way to achieve financial independence for you and your family, either by starting a business or taking your current business to the next level. You want you and your family to live good lives based on honest work and good craftsmanship. So what would an entrepreneur, an electrician venturing out on their own, or a veteran business owner have to gain from purchasing a Mister Sparky franchise?

One word: growth. Mister Sparky offers the competitive edge of a peer-to-peer network, a national brand, increased buying power, a constantly-updated marketing toolbox, and a fully integrated system of processes and technologies to keep your business ahead of everyone else.

Convert & Grow Your Existing Business

Among our owners are many established business owners who converted their service businesses into Mister Sparky locations. All of them still own their company and have complete control over their business, but with the added power of on-demand online training, peer-to-peer networking, 24/7 support, discounts on equipment and tools, and expert marketing.

Expand Your Electrical Business with Authority Brands®

The Authority Brands family of home service businesses means you can expand your business in two different ways: by purchasing additional territories, or by purchasing additional service lines. If you’re already offering electrical services, why not also offer HVAC or plumbing? Our industry-leading business management system makes it easier than ever to grow your revenue the way you want to.

Helping Build Businesses

Mister Sparky helps our owners with every aspect of running a business, from hiring, training, and keeping top talent, to generating leads and customers, to marketing their businesses to ensure they stand out from the competition. Our training program includes online, video, and classroom instruction that allows learners to get educated at their pace and on their time.

Additionally, every owner receives a Franchise Business Consultant, a Marketing Manager, and access to 24/7 support to provide them with a team of experts to build their business for the long-haul. With their help, our owners can expand beyond what independent owners can do alone.

Speak with Us Today to Get Started!

If you want to know how buying a new franchise or converting your existing business could help you achieve new levels of revenue and profit, speak with the Mister Sparky franchise development team today. Our Business Development Managers can answer your questions, determine if we are a mutual fit, and invite you to a Discovery Day where you can learn in-depth about the costs, benefits, and competitive advantage of Mister Sparky franchise ownership.

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