Owner Spotlight: David Pomales

David Pomales

Meet David Pomales, the Mister Sparky franchise owner from Pleasantville, NJ. David has been a part of the Mister Sparky, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, and One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning family since 2000. Continue reading to learn more about David's experience as a tri-brand franchise owner, his growth, challenges, and future plans for his business.

When asked what attracted him to Mister Sparky as a franchise, David responded that he was already a franchise owner of One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning and Benjamin Franklin Plumbing and was attracted to the systems and procedures that come with the Mister Sparky franchise. Since launching in 2019, David’s Mister Sparky has experienced significant growth, hitting their first million in 2021.

When asked what makes a good team, David said “Winning and having fun. What I mean is; if everyone in the company is accomplishing their personal goals, while having fun, everyone wins, not just in life but in their careers.” Besides having a good team, David says training plays a crucial role in the success of his business, and he conducts training sessions with his Mister Sparky team two to three days a week. “What I enjoy the most is being able to come in every day, lead our trainings, and guide our team. Seeing my employees grow within our organization is my greatest reward.”

David's territory is in southern New Jersey, along the shore, and has a unique population fluctuation, with many clients not living in the area all year round. Despite this, David forecasts his business exceeding five million in revenue in the next five years. His recent addition of an operations manager with 15 years of industry experience also helped accelerate growth.

David Pomales' success with Mister Sparky is a testament to the power of a strong franchise system and a dedicated team. If you are interested in becoming a franchise owner and experiencing the rewards of business ownership, Mister Sparky may be the perfect opportunity for you. You can learn more about Mister Sparky and its franchise opportunities by contacting the franchise development team at 888-718-6186.