Congratulations: Mister Sparky Electric IFA Franchisee of the Year winner

George Saldana Mister Sparky owner San Antonio area.

Proud to Announce Our Franchise Owner George Saldana in San Antonio Takes Home IFA's Franchisee of 2021

Year after year, George Saldana has risen as one of the most successful Mister Sparky owners. George Saldana purchased his first Mister Sparky Franchise in 2007 and purchased the remainder of the Metro San Antonio area, Mister Sparky, in 2009. Currently, George's Mister Sparky franchise is servicing over two million customers in over nine hundred thousand households throughout San Antonio. Fifteen years later, George's mission to provide exceptional service and the best customer experience possible is still evident in his business model. "For us, the good thing about what we're doing is our mission, vision, and value statement that we created years ago and are still implementing today; it's the one thing that's constant," George said.

George believes that with great success comes great responsibility. “I need our business to be put out there. Keep paying it forward, and eventually, enough of us will be out there doing it,” he stated.

Through George's desire to nurture and empower the next generation, he employs the best people to help run his Mister Sparky location. "Our environment and our business, this is a safe place for our employees. Everybody's got a different life, different experiences. I'm interested in providing the best opportunities that I can for the people we feel can help our business. That's it. That's the task I got. It's our charge." George recognizes that each individual on his team possesses different skill sets, and it is up to him to align them cohesively. George has stated the most gratifying thing for him during the journey of opening his business, has been watching issues unfold and his team resolve them collaboratively.

George feels a profound rooted responsibility to his community and ensures that those values are embedded within his business. From his customers to his employees and those in need, George continues to go above and beyond to give back in extraordinary ways. George identifies his Mister Sparky business's advantages and feels obligated to help those disenfranchised and struggling. The Mister Sparky of San Antonio team uses those advantages to collaborate with organizations such as Bill Elves, which provides toys to children under Child Protective Services (CPS). Philanthropy is within the team's fabric at Mister Sparky of San Antonio and exudes within their commitment to continue to pay it forward. Through Meals on Wheels and Pets Alive Bill, they can give back by providing food, time, money, and services to people and animals.

We are extremely proud of George Saldana and his entire Mister Sparky team for being trailblazers within their communities. Like many other owners, George says his main reason for choosing a Mister Sparky franchise was to contribute to his family legacy. Are you ready to spark your family’s future with Mister Sparky?