Bringing Women to the Trade

Women Can Save the Trades

A career in trades provides job security, flexibility, career growth, and great pay! So why is this industry woefully uneven when it comes to gender? Most of the people reaping the benefits from trades work are men. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), only 2.2% of electricians are women. However, times are changing and businesses are starting to change their marketing and recruiting efforts and women. Here’s why women would benefit from joining the trades!

  • Trade work could be perfect for a mid-career move? Fifty-three percent of skilled trade workers in the U.S. are 45 years or older, reports the Tulsa Welding School.

  • It’s also more cost-effective. You can become a skilled tradeswoman in half the time at half the cost (compared to getting a bachelor’s degree).

  • Hands-on education. Why spend all of your time in a lecture hall when you can be in a classroom where the teacher is providing hands-on instruction that you will use in your career.

  • Strong return on investment. Trade school grads are rewarded with job offers and sizable paychecks, one of the top reasons trade school enrollment is increasing.

  • Career in the right field. Almost three-quarters of trade school graduates enter careers related to their field of study, while 41% of recent college grads are underemployed, working in jobs that don’t require college degrees.

There may be a lack of women electricians, but the presence of women is pronounced throughout the electrical service industry. At Mister Sparky, women occupy roles as owners, general managers, operations managers, electricians, technicians, customer service representatives, accountants, and systems directors, to name a few. Women may be more inclined to get into the action, but it’s not without its challenges. Trades’ work is still very much considered “men’s work.” But with the right team and positive support, a woman can thrive in any position.