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How Mister Sparky Electric Empowers Local Communities

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customer service

How To Make a Difference with Your Business

Whether it’s donations or volunteering, businesses always look for ways to make a difference in the world and their local communities. If you’re looking to make a difference with your electrical business, you’ve come to the right place.

Mister Sparky can help! Whether you’re looking to start a new electrical business or convert an existing one, our franchise opportunities are designed to give you all the tools you need to deliver convenient and safe electrical services designed to make a difference in customers’ lives in more ways than one.

Some of the ways Mister Sparky’s franchise owners make a difference for their customers include:

1. Adding New Power to Homes

Early in the pandemic, Mister Sparky – along with the rest of the electrical industry – saw an increased need for professional electricians. Not only to make sure their electricity was reliable in such an uncertain time but to provide the installation services needed to make the new normal easier.

Today, people are still spending the majority of their time at home, not to mention those millions of employees that are now in permanent work-from-home positions. The services you’ll provide with your new franchise are helpful for homeowners looking to take their space to the next level, whether that’s an upgrade to their space via a new electrical outlet or a complete rewiring for the newly constructed home office.

Either way, you’ll have the blueprints and tools needed to deliver safe and reliable electrical service at virtually any point of a remodel for your customers.

2. Energy-Efficient Services

Through a Mister Sparky franchise, you’ll have everything you need to meet the latest energy efficiency trends and deliver safe and reliable electrical service to your customers. This includes things like:

  • Regular Maintenance – You and your team will work with homeowners to develop regular maintenance schedules to keep an eye on things (like wires, seals, and energy consumption).
  • Installation of New LED Lighting – Our franchise owners and their teams are dedicated to getting our customers set up with lighting that is energy-efficient and much more long-lasting.
  • Installation of New Equipment – Whether your customer is looking to lower their monthly costs or automate their home, our eco-friendly electrical equipment – including things like thermostats – can help make everything more efficient.

Of course, these are just a few of the services our electrical franchisees are able to bring to their neighborhoods. The energy-efficient services are much more than the latest trend, as they help make a difference in your customers’ lives in more ways than one:

Make Your Customers Happy

First and foremost, a customer with safe, reliable, and affordable electricity is a happy one – and a lifelong one! Our franchise owners are committed to this, and it’s seen in everything we do. Helping customers develop energy-efficient homes can make all the difference for their happiness and overall comfort in their space.

Help the Earth

Not only will your franchise’s customers be happy with their new efficient energy consumption in their home, not to mention the cheaper utility costs, but being energy efficient is very eco-friendly. Increased electricity efficiency works to lower greenhouse gases and other pollutants.

3. Emergency Response

Recently, more than 20,000 electricians from all over Louisiana, Mississippi, and the surrounding areas in New Orleans had to rise to the challenge of helping their communities recover from the impact of Hurricane Ida, including a whopping 2,500 broken and downed electrical poles.

While you may not be battling the ticks, alligators, and streets full of water mixed with downed power lines like these folks, there’s something to be said about how important electricians are in the face of disaster – as well as the impact they can make for their communities.

Electricity is crucial and we believe that everyone deserves safe and reliable access to it. Through your electrical franchise, you’ll be able to be there 24/7 for customers when other companies can’t. We leave homes safer than we found them through service powered by our proven tools and processes, only available as members of our franchise network.

Discover Our Franchising Options

Whether an electrician helps an area recover from a power outage or repairs a simple frayed wire, one thing is for sure – a difference has been made. When you’re ready to explore how our electrical franchising opportunities are able to make a difference in your community, give us a call!

Dial (855) 227-7315 to explore our current electrical service franchise opportunities!