How This Mister Sparky Franchise is Helping Their Local Community

local community
local community

2020 and the subsequent 2021 have not been easy for anyone. The pandemic brought new challenges the likes we’ve never seen before. Supply and demand have continued to cause inflation to rise, and areas all over the country have been experiencing record-setting temperatures apart from the ever-present global warming crisis.

While all have not been amazing throughout the past two years, we wanted to share a story about a local Mister Sparky franchise that took their community’s happiness, health, and safety into their own hands and even gained local news attention in the process!

Making Things Safer in Every Community

As we try to make a difference in every home we touch, leaving it safer and with more reliable electricity than the way we found it, the team behind Mister Sparky of Huntsville is going above and beyond for their local community.

As mentioned in The Madison Record, Mister Sparky’s Huntsville Operations Manager Ashley Smith said they wanted to give back to their community, ensuring fewer people go hungry in Huntsville and the rest of Northern Alabama.

To help achieve this mission, the management and employees decided to begin by offering their support to The North Alabama Food Bank, which operates locally in Huntsville. They work to end hunger by providing food to immediately feed those in need and address the root of the problem with local food initiatives.

Their Goal: Donate 5,000 Meals Before the End of The Year

Mister Sparky Huntsville has dedicated itself to providing at least 5,000 meals before the beginning of 2022. How are they doing this? Their customers can decide to add one dollar to their invoice, and this dollar goes directly to the food bank. One dollar can provide up to five to seven meals.

Are you interested in learning more about The North Alabama Food Bank and how you can help? Check out their donation page to learn more.

We’re Dedicated to Making a Difference

At Mister Sparky, we encourage all our franchisees to continue to make waves in their community, not only in terms of delivering the high-quality and professional electrical services needed to restore power or safety to local homeowners but other ways to go above and beyond – helping those less fortunate have access to the food they need.

If you’re looking to start a business opportunity that allows you to make a difference in your part of the world, turn to Mister Sparky’s electrical franchise professionals to request more information – contact us now online.