3 Ways Mister Sparky Electric Can Support Your Electrical Service Company

Regardless of how long you’ve owned your business, Mister Sparky Electric presents a franchise opportunity that is rarely seen in the industry. From a personal leadership team to an expensive set of revenue streams, our brands provide business owners with all the resources needed to take their business to the next level.

Here are three ways your business will benefit when you choose to convert it to a Mister Sparky location.

1. Save Money With Our Business Partners

Not only will you benefit from our proven tools, but you’ll also benefit from our business partners and extensive network. Our affiliate group, BuyMax Alliance®, allows our owners to save by using negotiated pricing. On average, owners can save thousands of dollars on products and services you are using every day.

2. Expand Your Company’s Reach

Mister Sparky is a part of The Authority Brands family of home service brands. Their know-how, power, and experience allow owners to expand their current reach. While you may have your current territory covered, who is taking care of the territory next to yours? We provide you the resources you need to expand and grow your team’s reach. From purchasing additional territories or service lines from our family of brands, our systems make it easier than ever to expand your reach and your revenue streams.

3. Growth Is Our Goal

We offer a competitive edge not seen in other electrical service companies. Our on-demand online training, peer-to-peer networking, 24/7 support, discounts on equipment, and expert marketing provides established businesses with the resources to unlock their full potential.

Covert Your Business with Mister Sparky

With the opportunities Mister Sparky Electric presents, there’s no question why business owners continue to turn to Mister Sparky to grow their business. With award-winning tools, processes, and blueprints, we’re confident you’ll be able to reach new heights with our help.

Ready to become a Mister Sparky owner? Give our team a call at (855) 227-7315 or contact us online to get started.