How Much Does a Mister Sparky Franchise Cost?

Our franchise owners, or franchisees, are the foundation of our business and established reputation as of the leaders of the electrical industry. Whether they started an electrical business from scratch, converted their existing company, or added a Mister Sparky to their current home service offerings, all of our franchisees receive the same proven tools and roadmaps to success. All alongside ongoing support needed to help them reach their goals, whether it’s profitability or expanding their service areas.

Some of the resources we offer to all Mister Sparky owners include:

  • A trusted household electrician brand
  • Ongoing tools and support
  • Business management software
  • Access to training tools and materials

The Cost of a Mister Sparky Franchise

If you’re looking to franchise, it’s important to have a thorough understand of the initial startup fees, along with any on-going fees you should expect. At Mister Sparky Franchise Development, we provide a competitive opportunity for those looking to start their own electrical franchise.

Our franchise fees include:

  • $33,000 for a start-up franchise with a territory of up to 200,000 population.
  • $9,000 to $29,700 if converting an existing business, depending on territory size and revenue.

In general, we have a few options of where your location could begin, ranging from starting from scratch to purchasing it from another owner.

Purchase Established Location

When you chat with our team, be sure to inquire if we have any existing Mister Sparky franchises for sale! Whether an owner is retiring or looking to move into another industry, purchasing an already established location can help you get a jump start by having an established foundation and customer base. Because of this, they can range in price. Contact our team today to learn more!

Business Conversion

If you’re already have an established electrical business, great! We offer a franchise path to help covert your business to a brand-new Mister Sparky location! This can help you retain your established team and customer base, all while benefiting from everything Mister Sparky has to offer to our owners and their communities.

If you own an existing home service company, not specializing in electrical work but looking to expand your current menu of home service offerings, we can help with that too! We provide easy turnkey solutions, able to join any established revenue streams you may currently have.

The cost depends on territory size and current revenue of the current business but can range from $9,000 to $29,700. The total initial investment if you convert a pre-existing electrical business to a franchise is $33,061 to $192,871.

New Electrical Franchise

By far our most popular path our franchisees take, we’re able to help entrepreneurs of all backgrounds, ages, and walks of life find their success with a new electrical franchise wherever they may be! The total initial investment necessary if you start the business from scratch is $123,873 to $301,533. Whether you’ve had experience before or not, our team offers endless guidance on how to make the most out of your investment.

On-Going Fees

When considering the cost of your new electrical franchise, you should consider the on-going fees. These provide the ability to use Mister Sparky’s established brand and imaging. Additionally, it gives you the chance to market your business – reaching masses of people you never though were possible locally and nationwide.

These include:

  • Start-up Franchise Royalty Fee – Up to 6% of gross revenue or $1,500 per month, whichever is greater.
  • Conversion Franchise Royalty Fee – Graduated plan that starts at 2% of gross revenues per month in Year 1 and increases to the greater of 6% or $1,500 per month in Year 4.
  • Marketing Fee – This fee is dependent on your Gross Revenue and contributes to the development and recognition of the Mister Sparky brand, as well as your local marketing efforts.
  • Technology Fee – $600 - $1050 per franchised business which allows us to provide you with all the technology equipment needed to get you up and running.

In some cases, we may provide financing up to 75% of the Franchise Fee upon signing the Franchise Agreement.

How Can I Start My Own Mister Sparky Franchise?

If any of these options sound like a great opportunity to you and you’re looking to get started, give our team a call today! We’ll take the time to learn about your specific goals and ensure that we are a good fit to work together. After this, you’ll spend some time meeting with our Business Development managers, as well as some other local franchise owners, to learn everything you need to know about Mister Sparky. After of all of this, and you’re still interested and we feel you’re a good fit, you’ll just have to pay the initial franchising fees and sign the agreement!

Ready to get started on your next electrical journey? Give our team a call at (855) 227-7315 or contact us online to receive the most up-to-date pricing for a Mister Sparky franchise.