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Mister Sparky of Aurora, Il

the Mister Sparky of Aurora, Il team
the Mister Sparky of Aurora, Il team

For owners Charles and Christina Hinton, Mister Sparky® of Aurora is not only a business, it's a part of the community. With over 15 years in the electrical service industry and 5 years as Mister Sparky® franchise owners, the Hintons have made it their mission to be the best providers around. This is evident in the way that they and their team interact with customers.

"We have customers referring us to friends, neighbors, and family almost on a daily basis," said Charles. "I feel the biggest reason for this is that we are honest, fair, and provide all of our customers with options. We always educate our customers, so they can make a good buying decision based on budget and safety."

The Mister Sparky® - Aurora team makes it a point to constantly perform the cleanest and best workmanship no matter what the cost. They do this by taking pride in their work and keeping morale high.

Their electricians check in multiple times a day to provide updates on job status. This allows for mobility, as needed, to keep technicians from getting stuck on jobs all night. Team members also connect with one another to see if anyone needs help before wrapping up for the day.

Communication is a cornerstone for how Charles and Christina run their business. Once a week, the team jumps on a 20 to 30-minute morning call, where they discuss anything from work issues to weekend plans to vacations or random stories. “Most of the time we get some laughs in, but we always keep it fun. In these uncertain times, this is more important than ever."

Training is also very important. "One of our best training tools is letting our electricians share their experiences from the field - whether it's issues they've found, troubleshooting, sales tactics, or handling problems that came up. We also like to talk about ways to explain very technical things to a customer so they can understand it," said Charles.

Another thing that keeps them successful is not being afraid to try new things, especially on the technical side.

"All too often, we get calls from customers stating that another company did not know how to do something, so they just gave up. I am honest with customers if I haven't done something before. But I always tell them I am happy to do my research and figure it out. I never turn down hard jobs."