HIRE Vets Medallion Award Winner - Tony Zack

Mister Sparky and Benjamin Franklin owner Tony Zack

In celebration of Veteran’s Day (November 11), we are pleased to share that Tony Zack, owner of Mister Sparky and Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach, has been awarded with the HIRE Vets Gold Medallion Award by the U.S. Department of Labor. This annual award recognizes business owners who have made exemplary efforts to recruit, employ, and retain our nation’s veterans, and is the only federal award that recognizes exceptional achievements in veteran employment.

HIRE Veterans medallions

“My father and grandfather were in the armed forces, so I understand the commitment and sacrifice that comes with serving our country. I’m proud to employ our nation’s veterans and am honored to have received this award,” said Tony Zack. “Our veterans deserve to have great job opportunities when they return from deployment and I feel incredibly grateful to have so many talented veterans on my team. From being amazing team players to treating customers with the upmost integrity and professionalism, my veteran technicians are incredible assets to our teams at Mister Sparky and Benjamin Franklin Plumbing.”

Zack greatly respects servicemen and women, having attended military college and grown up with family members who served, and has hired multiple veterans, including those who served in the Marines, Army, and Navy.