Franchise Development

The Art of Professionalism

In this age of immediacy, it is easy to let the finer points of business fall through the cracks. Attention to detail and professionalism are becoming lost artforms, secondary to the “must-have-right-now” mentality of today.

Rusty Wise, owner of Mister Sparky® Charlotte and Cherryville, N.C., has been in the electrical business for over 30 years. During those three decades, Wise has seen a lot of changes and has witnessed business practices become increasingly more casual.

“When I think of the word “professional,” key images that come to mind include dress, speech, writing, grammar, punctuality, and work performance,” says Wise. “We should not be lured by poor standards like wearing pajamas when shopping and using profanity in everyday speech.”

The idea is – if you succumb to poor habits, like sloppy speech or overly casual attire, over time, these are the things that will seep into your work life.

Whether it’s applying for a job or performing out in the field, Wise suggests these key tips to help maintain professionalism while ensuring quick and efficient delivery.

  • Employment Applications – Forms should be filled out completely, correctly, and legibly. Make sure your resume doesn’t contain any spelling or grammar errors and that your contact information is correct. Be sure to follow appropriate email etiquette! Use “Mr.”, “Mrs.”, “To Whom It May Concern” or by direct contact whenever possible.
  • Dress & Personal Hygiene – Always err on the side of caution. Dress “up” instead of “down.” When you’re out in the field, your uniform should be clean and tidy. Your appearance all around should be neat: shaven facial hair, good breath, clean shoes, etc.
  • Data Entry & Paperwork – When interacting with a customer on a service call, verify that you have all his or her complete and correct information. Confirm that you are entering the right data into the appropriate field. Make sure to list every possible cause and existing condition of the repair for future reference.

“Bring professionalism into all the things you do, whether it be in the electrical field or in everyday life. You’ll feel better about yourself and make others who depend on you feel better as well,” says Wise.

For more tips and suggestions from Wise, check out EC&M’s article, “A Stand for Professionalism.” Or if you have a question, contact Rusty Wise at: