Franchise Development

6 Habits of Successful People and How They Apply to Franchising

When looking into any franchise concept, one of the biggest questions asked is “Will I be successful?” It can be a little intimidating to go into business for yourself. But, if you’ve seen success in your past career, then you can carry those skills, traits, and lessons learned into a franchise. These six habits can lead to success, especially in franchising.

  1. Be Decisive – Decision-making is a big part of being a business owner and leader. The less time you spend trying to make a decision, the quicker you can start working towards making improvements.
  2. Be a Good Listener – One of the great benefits of being a franchise owner is you have the support of, not just the franchisor, but also your fellow owners who can share best practices and lessons learned in their experience. It’s great to listen to everything they have to say. Even if you feel like you don’t need their advice now… it may come in handy later!
  3. Think Outside the Box – You never know what kind of unique way you can find to solve a problem. Be creative and keep an open mind when working on your business. Franchisors love to hear the new ideas owners are trying in their locations. You might even be able to create something that can be implemented across the entire franchise.
  4. Delegate – Being a small business owner often means needing to wear many hats. But, you just can’t do it all. Grow your team and assign away the tasks that you don’t have the time to do. Don’t let yourself burn out!
  5. Don’t Make Excuses – Everyone makes mistakes! Own up to it and learn when you’ve made an error. Humility and personal awareness are very important as a small business owner.
  6. Keep Learning – Continue to broaden your knowledge so you can grow and improve in your business. There are so many lessons that can be learned on the job, from the franchisor, or from other franchise owners. Never stop learning and growing!

These habits may seem simple, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are easy. We love to see our franchise owners working towards success through these qualities. Contact us to learn more and to take your business to the next level!