Franchise Development

Mister Sparky of Cherryville

Rusty Wise, owner of Mister Sparky® of Cherryville - Charlotte, NC, has been in the electrical business for 32 years. A leader in his field, Rusty has taken this extensive industry background and applied it to running a successful Mister Sparky.

As a Mister Sparky® Franchisee for over 10 years, Rusty has fully embraced the brand - the jingle, mascot, colors, etc. – and established a reputation as a leading electrician and “no-malarkey” problem solver. “Since we are a stand-alone franchise, we concentrate totally on electrical service and repair,” said Rusty. “We do one thing and we do it the best we know how.”

Over the years, Rusty and his team have used all the tools provided by Authority Brands. “People ask me all the time how we are successful, and I think it all comes down to structure.” Rusty has perfected a system that works. While some franchisees try to look for the magic bullet or quick fix methods, Rusty focuses on tried and true steps and methods. Rarely does he jump to the next best gadget or process.

“When I make a decision, I analyze what the decision will create in the future and what future decisions it will create,” said Rusty. “I’m a creature of habit and we train our employees on the good habits they should have, and we do it over and over.”

“I’m lucky enough to have structure in my business life and home life, which go hand in hand and especially the support of my wife Anne.”

All of Rusty and his team’s hard work and success doesn’t go unnoticed. Throughout the years, Mister Sparky® of Cherryville - Charlotte has made numerous appearances in the press and is one of the go-to electrical service provider in the community.

“I am really happy for my team - I really appreciate all their hard work. We are building a pretty big ship and I’m keeping it on course for the future. Because when you get a ship off course it takes forever to get it back on course again. I am truly blessed to be a part of Mister Sparky®, it’s the best decision I ever made 10 years ago.”

Rusty holds an A.S. degree in Electrical Engineering and a multistate electrical license and is a college instructor and North Carolina real estate broker. Ever the personality, he has appeared as a TV and radio guest, a public speaker, served as a video producer and editor, and is an accomplished writer. Fun Fact: Rusty is a NASCAR driver and owner, ARCA and amateur golf tour player, an ordained Presbyterian Elder, chairman of the Eagle Scout Advisory Board, and president of Chamber of Commerce.

Rusty currently resides in his hometown of Cherryville NC with his wife of 24 years and two children Winston and Savannah.