Electrical Problems

Common Electrical Problems in Old Homes

Are you currently interested in purchasing an older home? Before you make a big investment, you should consider the fact that the electrical system may have some problems.

Take a look at some of these common electrical issues:

  1. Having Enough Power – When a home is built, the builders plan to have a certain load of electricity running through it. Over time, the home’s electrical needs change. When you run the microwave and the lights start dimming, it’s a sign that your home may not be meeting code requirements.
  2. Not Enough Outlets – We are dependent on electronics, so it’s important that you have enough outlets in each room. Instead of having multiple power strips throughout the house, you should contact an electrician for assistance.
  3. Grounding Problems – If you’ve lived in Riverside or Springfield, then you’ve had to deal with electrical outlets that have two-prong holes instead of the now standard three-prong outlets. Proper grounding can keep you and your family safe from painful shocks and electrical fires.

The Jacksonville electricians at Mister Sparky® First Coast are ready to assist you with your older home. From wiring and panel upgrades to code compliance, we always work hard to improve your electrical system. For your peace of mind, we offer 24/7 emergency services and always arrive to your location on time.