Quality Electrical Safety Tips from – Electrician in Orange Park, FL

Your home is a considerable investment. Let the team at Mister Sparky help you when you are in the market for an electrician in Orange Park, FL. We are happy to provide you with a vast array of services, as well as great safety tips to help you keep your home in great shape. Here are some fantastic tips for any homeowner:

  • Hire a Professional for Small Repairs – Performing electrical repairs is complicated and can be very dangerous if you do it on your own. If you do not have any experience working with electrical systems, you should contact us and hire an electrician in Orange Park, FL. It does not matter how easy they make it look on YouTube – a new electrical outlet is not worth hurting yourself or any of your family members.
  • Never Pull on a Cord – When unplugging an appliance from the wall, it is vital that you always pull it out from the plastic housing. When you pull on a cord, you run the risk of breaking it and causing damage. This cord can start a fire in your home or electrocute you. Set a good example for your family members and make sure they know it is essential that they pull the plug out of the wall in a safe manner.
  • Never Use Electric Appliances in Water – It should go without saying, but it is crucial that you make sure you do not plug in any electrical appliances in areas near water. That means you should be keeping radios and iPad chargers away from the pool and never using hair dryers, curlers, and other personal care devices unless the water has been drained from your sinks and bathtubs. A member of our team is available to come out to your home to install safe electrical outlets when necessary.

Take care of your home when you work with the team at Mister Sparky. Whether you need an electrician in Orange Park, FL, or are seeking a specialist to help you with your home at the beaches, we are here for you. Contact us today at (904) 204-1882 to request our assistance. For your peace of mind, we offer 24/7 emergency assistance.