Ah, spring! When the temperature rises, the snow melts and birdsong provides a pleasant morning soundtrack. For many families, the onset of spring weather means it's time for a thorough house-cleaning — and a ramp-up of your energy-efficiency efforts? You can take advantage of your annual deep clean to make sure your appliances are running in peak condition, reduce your electricity consumption and save money on your utility bills. Read on to make this the most lucrative spring cleaning ever!

  • Clean Your Refrigerator Coils: Those coils on your fridge can pick up a lot of grease, dust and grime over the year, so you'll want to give them a cleaning. They are found either on the back of or underneath the appliance, and are essential for releasing heat. When the coils get dirty, the fridge has to work harder, making it more likely to break down and costing you more in electricity. Use a bristle brush and a vacuum to thoroughly remove any accumulated dirt so the refrigerator operates at full efficiency.
  • Clear your dryer of lint: You clean your lint trap every time you run a load of laundry, but you should vacuum behind the trap periodically as well to get any dust particles that have bypassed the screen. Spring is also a good opportunity to clear any accumulated buildup out of the dryer vent itself. Clean the vent from the outside using a brush to keep air flowing freely and reduce the risk of a lint fire.
  • Say no to dust: Dust is more than a nuisance: When it gets into your electronic and mechanical equipment, it can cause devices to work harder, use more energy or even break down entirely. Make sure your computers, televisions and other electronics are free from dust, and don't forget to clean off fans and vents, too, so air circulation is not obstructed.
  • Have your air conditioner serviced: Although there's still snow on the ground in some parts of the country, in just a few short months you'll be relying on your air conditioner to keep you comfortable. Spring is a good time to have your local HVAC service professional pay a visit, perform any necessary maintenance and make sure your AC unit is primed to battle the summer heat.
  • Upgrade your equipment: If any of your appliances are getting long in the tooth, spring cleaning is the perfect time to move them out and replace them with new models. Is that old refrigerator or clothes dryer barely chugging along? Try a new Energy Star-certified model and be amazed at the savings, not to mention the convenient new features. The same goes for light bulbs — chuck the old incandescent ones and replace them with new, energy efficient CFCs or LEDs.

For other ideas, have a home services expert come give your house an energy audit and tell you how to conserve electricity and save even more on your monthly bills.

Give local Mister Sparky® a call for more tips to improve your energy-efficiency. We’re always here to help!

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