May is National Electrical Safety Month

National Electrical Safety Month –May is National Electrical Safety Month! It’s the time of year that we raise awareness on how to avoid potential electrical hazards. According to Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI), an estimated 35,000 home fires, over 1,130 injuries, 500 deaths, and $1.4 billion in property damage occurs each year as a result of electrical malfunctions.

Whatever your age, you’re never too old or too young to learn about electrical safety. There are always ways to secure your home from electrical hazards.

For Adults:

Resources like ESFI and the Edison Electric Institute (EEI) offer great advice for simple electrical safety practices. Check out EEI’s “Spring Into Safety for National Electrical Safety Month” suggestions below:

For Kids:

ESFI provides tools and activities for children about electrical safety on their website. Along with Private I. Plug, parents can help their kids spot (and avoid) everyday dangers in the home.

Following these suggestions, you and your family will find it’s easy to avoid electrically related fires, fatalities, injuries and damage. Whether you have questions about your current electrical system, need a home inspection, repairs or an upgrade, you can “Get it Done Right. Get it Done Safely” at Mister Sparky.