Next-Gen Smart Fridge Knows When Food is Going Bad

Are you sick and tired of putting food in the fridge and forgetting about it, only to find it rotten and moldy weeks later? Not only is it a waste of food, you're left with a disgusting mess to clean up. One day soon, however, your refrigerator could send you a reminder to eat your leftovers before they spoil. Read on to learn about how smart technology in your kitchen can help prevent your food from going bad.

Communicate with Your Appliances Via Text Message

As the Internet of Things becomes more prominent in our household electrical work, more and more devices are offering futuristic functions. Smart refrigerators already exist, with models that can send you a phone message when the door is left open, when the coils need cleaning and when the unit is in need of service.

A new model that Samsung has prototyped promises to take the smart technology even further. The fridge comes equipped with a touchscreen to offer you full control over its features, and a camera inside the unit that actually monitors your food and alerts you when it's been neglected for a little too long. You can use the touchscreen to check on how the food is doing, or even have the fridge send a text message that you need to eat the leftovers ASAP.

A Wealth of Inter-Connected Devices

The connectivity and versatility of our brave new world means that the next generation of refrigerators can be even more proactive about your meals. Not only can the Samsung fridge tell you when your food is bad, it has the capability to automatically order more items to replace whatever you use up or throw out. That's right, your next refrigerator could even handle food shopping for you.

The functionality of this smart refrigerator is just one example of how our electrical work is being transformed to relieve us of many of the mundane tasks of day-to-day life. In the big picture, getting alerts when your food starts to spoil might not sound like such a big deal – but imagine your fridge, stove, clothes washer, bathroom cabinet and other devices all working together make your household run more smoothly. And in the meantime, you can also dream about a world where you'll never have to subject food to the sniff test ever again!

Expert Hands for All Your Electrical Work

If you need advice on purchasing a new refrigerator, or have other electrical work that needs to be performed, get in touch with a qualified electrician today.

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