Do you have ranges and ovens on your mind? Maybe you just got a big bonus from work, or your last child finally graduated from college. There's no better way to celebrate than a new kitchen. From granite countertops to the latest in state-of-the-art appliance technology, you can cook in comfort and increase the value of your home to boot. If you haven't bought a new refrigerator or oven in a decade or more, you might be shocked at all the features you're missing out on. Read on for some of the latest in kitchen function and form.

Keep your food cold in style: If your ancient refrigerator is still chugging away, replacing it with an efficient ENERGY STAR-certified model could actually pay for itself in a few years through reductions in energy costs. That's to say nothing of all the new features there are to play with. You can find a fridge with multiple segmented compartments to keep different foods at different temperatures, or compartments in the doors that offer quick access to snacks and drinks. If you want to go really futuristic, check out models that have touchscreen controls so you have the temperature and other settings right at your fingertips.

Fun with ranges: Many new stovetops come with touchpads so you can precisely control the temperature and timing of your culinary masterpiece, down to the degree. If you prefer electric stoves, a flat glass or ceramic top can make the kitchen look more modern compared to the old coil elements. If you have the budget, you may even consider an induction range, which is hyper-efficient and uses electromagnets to turn your cooking pots into heat sources. One feature that might be useful no matter what type of element you use is downdraft ventilation, which can pull steam down through the stovetop before it can damage your walls or cabinets.

Double your oven: Is baking your thing? The oven market is heating up. Consider options like two oven bays so you can bake items at different temperatures at the same time, and convection ovens that use a fan to circulate heat and cook food more evenly. You can also find ovens that cook at super-low temperatures, down to 150 degrees, so you can dehydrate food and store it for later in the year. The very latest in oven technology is smartphone apps, which allow you to remotely monitor and control your settings.

Remember, you aren't alone in your quest for the most modern, stylish and efficient cooking area. Let the experts help you decide what your dream kitchen looks like, and then bring it to reality. Also, if you are just swapping out appliances there shouldn't be too many complications, but more serious work that involves adding or moving outlets, installing vents or changing the physical layout of the kitchen means you will need to make sure you are in compliance with local building code. Always consult with a professional so you don't accidentally create a safety hazard or find yourself on the wrong side of the law.

The experts at local Mister Sparky® are always here to help. Give us a call if you are considering kitchen renovations and we can help you evaluate and potential electrical changes or issues before you get started.

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