Give the Planet a Break on Earth Day

How will you be celebrating Earth Day this Saturday? Even if there are no big events in your area, you can get in the spirit by making some small changes in your home and habits to help heal the environment. From reducing emissions to repurposing household junk, these Earth Day activities can put money back in your pocket and a good feeling in your heart.

Consider these simple ways to make a big difference:

Try to eliminate food waste. According to the USDA, food waste in America is estimated to be between 30 and 40 percent of the total food supply. Not only does wasted food not help feed the hungry, the water, energy and labor that goes into producing it is wasted. Food waste in landfills is also a major source of methane gas, a significant contributor to climate change. Plan your meals, avoid overbuying food, consume your leftovers and try to salvage as much as possible by freezing or preserving.

Schedule an energy audit. There are lots of little inefficiencies around your home that can add up to one big waste of energy. In a professional energy audit, technicians conduct inspections and tests to track down and measure all of those inefficiencies and present solutions that can minimize your household energy consumption. That saves money and the environment at the same time!

Recycle your old, out-of-date electronics. These days, most consumer electronics don’t get tossed or forgotten because they break -- they’re often replaced when more sophisticated models become available. But when the outdated versions are still operable, it’s tempting to hang onto them. Earth Day is a great excuse to take stock of these dinosaur devices, choose the ones you’ll never use again, and deliver them to an appropriate electronics recycling drop-off location.

Walk, bike or ride, don’t drive. Reducing the number of miles you drive is one of the most significant changes you can make to help the environment. While it may not be practical to take alternative transportation everywhere, you can probably identify a few frequent destinations within walking or biking distance. And for locations a little farther afield, try to take public transit when possible.

Turn off your computer when it’s not in use. Many computers are set to go into sleep mode after a certain period of inactivity, and as a result, it’s common for owners to leave these machines turned on around-the-clock. But sleep mode still consumes energy, so it’s best to shut your computer down completely. Start doing this overnight and whenever you anticipate being away for at least a few hours.

Serving the environment takes hard work and commitment, but little steps like these can make it manageable. If you’re ready to learn more about what you can do to reduce your energy consumption and make the world a cleaner, healthier place, get in touch with your trusted local electricians.

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