Energy Star Releases List of Most Efficient Appliances of 2015

There’s no better time than now to update your electrical work with the latest in washing machines, refrigerators, televisions and other devices. To help you decide among the thousands of appliances available on the market, the federal Energy Star program has released a list of devices that go well above and beyond standard efficiency measures to really stand out from the crowd. Read on for a peek at some of the very best new electrical equipment of 2015.

Finding the Latest in High-Efficiency Electrical Work

Purchasing new appliances and devices can be fun. Not only do you get to enjoy all-new features, but if you make an effort to find more efficient models, you can save money on your electric bills as well. Energy Star makes it easy with its list of top performers for 2015:

  • Washing Machines: If you like high-efficiency washing machines, you’re in luck, because 13 models from a variety of manufacturers have been singled out for special recognition by Energy Star this year. Most are front-loading models, although a few do still use the traditional top loading method, and all feature advanced technology to clean your clothes using only a fraction of the energy.
  • Refrigerators: Refrigerators are prime culprits when it comes to high electricity bills because they have to be kept running all the time. Replacing an older unit with one of the most efficient models of 2015 can make a huge different to your pocketbook. Energy Star ranks fridges in medium, large and extra-large categories so you can get the size that best meets your household needs. These six refrigerators have features like LED lights and smart technology to help keep their power consumption to a minimum.
  • Dishwashers: Only two dishwashers made the “most efficient” cut this year: The Blomberg DWT and the Viking Range 300 series. Both use an average of only 214 kilowatt hours of energy annually while still supplying a host of modern features like turbidity sensors and multiple filtration.
  • Televisions: You can catch all your favorite programs guilt-free on televisions of all sizes, from as small as 16 inches to large-screen models of 50 inches or more. What the entertainment screens have in common is that they are heavyweights in the conservation realm, costing just a few dollars per year in electricity to operate.
  • Computer Monitors: Purchase screens that work with your desktops, laptops and tablets and allow you to browse the web, create documents and play your favorite games, but that cost mere pocket change to operate throughout the year.

Qualified Hands for All Your Electrical Work

For help choosing or installing new devices, or for any other electrical work, contact an expert electrician today.

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