Do you have a baby or toddler in your home? If so, call a residential electrician, who can prevent a number of electrical problems that could pose a threat to your little one. Here are some additional ways to protect your child from dangerous electrical currents in your home.

  • Purchase outlet covers
    Place plastic outlet covers over all accessible outlets in your home. Children may try to insert items into the outlet, so keep these potentially dangerous portals covered at all times.

  • Be aware of hazards in the bathroom
    The bathroom is one of the most common locations for electrical hazards. Hair dryers, radios, electric razors and other appliances are often used here, in close proximity to water. Never leave small children alone in the bathroom to ensure they don’t accidentally knock an electrical appliance into the water and harm themselves.

  • Hide electrical cords
    Electrical cords pose a number of dangers to children. Not only do they lead to electrical outlets, but they also pose a choking risk. Always keep electrical cords out of sight by either tying them up or placing them up high and out of reach of kids.

  • Keep night lights out of reach
    Night lights - especially those shaped like animals or cartoon characters - may be tempting for children to play with, so keep them out of sight or reach to prevent electrocution and burns.

  • Examine older appliances
    Older electrical appliances may pose a fire hazard in your home, which is why you should check to see if any wires are frayed or appear scorched. If so, replace them. Not only do they pose a hazard to your child, hey could potentially cause a fire.

  • Educate your children
    When your children get a little older, warn them about the dangers of electricity. Explain how it could potentially harm them, and show them the proper way to do things like plugging in a cord.

  • Call an electrician
    Finally, have a professional  electrician examine your home. He or she can fix any problems you may have and suggest additional precautions.

Contact local Mister Sparky® for more information and advice on protecting your family.

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