Check Out the Next Generation of Efficient Electric Appliances

Are you impressed by the nation's current lineup of efficient electrical appliances and devices? You ain't seen nothing yet, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. The DOE recently released a report previewing some of the big technological breakthroughs that are poised to help you get the most out of your residential electrical work. These advances promise to reduce the energy consumption of the average household while still delivering effective performance. Read on to learn what your next refrigerator, clothes dryer and lighting system could look like.

More Efficient and Effective Electrical Work

The Department of Energy predicts the following leaps forward for some of our commonly used appliances:

  • Heat pumps and dryers combined: The residential clothes dryer is getting ready for a marriage with heat pumps, which should bring big savings in energy. The technology would use the difference in temperature between ambient air and air in the dryer to warm up your clothes, increasing the efficiency of the appliance by up to 50 percent.
  • Refrigerators transformed by magnets: Your next refrigerator might function completely differently from your current model. Fridges have used vapor compression to keep food cool for over a century, but one new prototype throws out that tradition in favor of using magnets to lower the temperature instead. Not only does the new technology promise to be more energy efficient, it also eliminates the need for environmentally harmful coolants.
  • Doubling the efficiency of LED bulbs: Many homes have already switched over to LED bulbs from outdated incandescent models, enjoying technology that can use as little as 25 percent of the energy but last 25 times longer. There's no need to stop there, however. According to the DOE, LED efficiency could double in the next few years, saving you even more money on your utility bills.
  • Smart controls tying it all together: Smart technology has expanded far beyond your HVAC system. Lighting and security systems are commonly included in smart home controls these days, and soon every device in the home will be able to be connected in one centralized hub. It's not just the technology that is getting better – we are also improving our ability to analyze all the data we collect about our home systems, which allows our devices to communicate more efficiently with each other and find even more ways to reduce energy consumption.

Cut Back on Energy Use Sooner, Not Later

Don't wait until the future to beef up the efficiency in your home electrical work. For help identifying opportunities to cut back on energy use, contact a licensed electrician to conduct a thorough energy efficiency audit.

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