Add Drama and Safety to Your Home with Outdoor Lighting

No matter how much you do to beautify the exterior of your home, you won’t be able to appreciate it after dark unless you put some of that effort into your outdoor lighting scheme. A good outdoor lighting design can not only accentuate your home’s best features, it can be a safeguard against would-be intruders and tripping accidents.

A licensed electrician can help you identify your lighting options and explain the work required to extend electricity to new areas of your property. But it’s often helpful to begin the process by understanding the types of available outdoor lighting so that you can imagine different fixtures in different areas of your home, lawn and garden.

Exterior Lighting for Every Purpose

These are just a few of the styles at your disposal:

Lampposts: When you think about lampposts, the first image to come to mind might be an old-fashioned lantern design. But outdoor lampposts run the gamut from traditional to downright futuristic. They’re perfect for marking driveway entrances and adding charm to outdoor seating areas.

Hanging lights: Many homes have hanging lights above front doors and on porches. But these can be placed just about anywhere there’s an open space with a ceiling or overhang, and they’ll still be decorative even during the daylight hours.

Wall lights: Wall-mounted decorative lamps are ideal for areas where the outdoor gathering space is right outside the door, such as a deck or patio. Some of the most practical security lights and motion-detector lamps are also available in wall-mounted designs.

Stake lights: Not all outdoor lighting needs to be wired into the grid. Small stake lamps are generally affordable and many are solar-powered with a backup battery, which can save you even more money. These lights are perfect for illuminating walkways and gardens.

Well lights: These small lamps sit mostly below ground so that only the lens shows, shining light upward or at a slight angle. Well lights are also great choices for lighting paths and can make a dramatic presentation when shining upward onto trees, tall shrubs or columns.

Controlling Costs

Adding new lights will also add to your electricity bill, but if you’re concerned about the expense, you can minimize the long-term costs by seeking out energy efficient lighting. Solar lights and LEDs are great ways to minimize these costs, but you can also easily explore the most energy efficient solutions by checking the federal ENERGY STAR website.

If you’re ready to plan or install new outdoor lighting, the first step is to call your experienced local electrician.

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