Energy Efficiency

How to Conserve Energy Use in the Home Office

A home office acts a lot like a brain for your home. You might use your home office to pay the mortgage, check your investments, and make sure your household is running smoothly. Additionally, your home office might very well be the place where you earn your daily bread. These realities make a home office an important place to have under control. You want it running smoothly and operating effectively. Saving energy in your home office should be a prominent concern. Without question, saving energy will you help you save money. However, saving energy in your home office trains you to notice the small things. Check out some home office energy tips below:

  • If possible, unplug electronics that aren’t in use. Leaving items plugged in an outlet wastes energy.
  • Use task lighting instead of overhead lighting in your office.
  • Use a laptop or tablet. These use far less energy than a desktop computer.
  • Use space heaters and portable fans to control the temperature as needed.
  • Buy that power strip. A power strip saves energy. Remember, Mister Sparky can check your power strip to make sure it is not overloaded or even install surge protection.