Ceiling Fans

How Ceiling Fans Can Light up Each Room

Today one of the most popular, trendy fashion elements for an energy-aware household includes tasteful, decorative ceiling fans that also provide light. In the past, a limited selection sometimes restricted the usefulness of these home fixtures; today, a wider variety of models offer homeowners the ability to let their creativity soar.

Enliven a Living Room

Light remains one of the most important considerations for comfortable modern entertaining. By making sure that your living room includes this feature, you provide a welcoming, attractive environment. Make this location a place where guests will congregate by adding one or more illuminated ceiling fans. People will enjoy sitting nearby, and you won’t need to provide extra floor lamps for reading purposes. Guests can text message and use mobile devices more easily without having to get up to locate a better light source. Visitors appreciate both the enhanced visibility and the improved air circulation. This feature greatly expands options for stylish living room decors.

Spice Up a Bedroom

Bedrooms offer another popular location for illuminated ceiling fans. The placement of light in conjunction with a fan requires fewer table lamps around the room, opening up the space for more creative decoration. When you design a master bedroom, a guest bedroom or a child’s room, the ability to dispense with traditional floor lamps in favor of a more versatile overhead lighting system provides definite advantages. You can devote more square footage to other types of furniture in the room: dresser drawers, chairs, art work or other items that might not fit as easily into a floor plan involving upright standalone lighting.

Kitchen Essentials

Yet another popular location for an illuminated ceiling fan (or fans, depending on room dimensions), a kitchen greatly benefits from this modern amenity. Since hot air rises, the ceiling fan helps to quickly dispel heat and odors from cooking. Additionally, extra light assists food preparation. A well-situated, illuminated overhead fan can add both comfort and elegance to a somewhat drab kitchen environment, enhancing the room’s appearance.

Versatility in Any Room

You’ll enjoy the option of turning both the lights and the fan off when they’re not needed. Yet on especially hot days, the presence of reliable overhead fans help reduce utility bills. The rotating blades keep a room comfortable without requiring as much cooling power.

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Wherever you install them, ceiling fans with lamps supply an eye-catching quality. They add luxury and offer extra light, as well. If you’re looking to install a new ceiling fan, Mister Sparky is here to help. Give us a call or reach out to us online.