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Tips for Communicating with Your Electrician

While many might not even know their electrician’s first name, effective communication skills can go a long way in ensuring satisfaction from both parties. Before hiring an electrician to perform any work, communicate expectations up front. Make sure you fully understand what needs attention and how the technician plans on resolving the issue. The following tips can also help you get the most out of an electrical installation, inspection or maintenance appointment.

Remember the Electrician Wants to Help

When electrical issues occur, emotions such as frustration and anger can easily take over, which can bleed into verbal and nonverbal communication with the electrician. Do not take your irritation out on the person who can and wants to help. Raising your voice or giving the technician the cold shoulder will only foster animosity on both ends. Instead, address these feelings first, and remember that emotions and rational problem solving cannot coexist.

Keep Calm When the Unexpected Occurs

Sometimes, the electrician cannot solve the problem right away, despite his or her expertise. Again, remember that even if the electrician does not have the immediate solution, they will do everything possible to deliver results. Take responsibility for your emotions and never direct them at the electrician. However, if the electrician’s behavior does seem off or negligent, calmly and objectively inform the company about your observations.

Ask Questions and Practice Active Listening

Many prefer to remain ignorant when it comes to technical aspects of the home. However, staying in the dark when it comes to any home improvement project only does the homeowner a disservice. Without interfering or impeding on the electrician’s work, ask questions and adopt a willingness to learn. Also, practice active listening, which involves making eye contact and repeating back what was said for clarification. Involvement demonstrates you respect what the electrician does, and what you learn might help you understand how to resolve future electrical issues.

Do Not Shy Away From Billing Concerns

While some might rashly demand an explanation for extra charges on the bill, others might meekly accept and sign whatever the electrician hands them, later regretting their complacency. Instead, when reviewing the bill, calmly ask the electrician to explain any unforeseen charges. If you still do not understand, get the business owner on the phone and politely ask them to help explain. Billing errors do occur, and taking a proactive approach can help both parties better understand certain charges.

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