Creative Ways to Use Landscape Lighting

Some landscape lighting can rival the most elaborate movie set. Onlookers might think outdoor lighting costs a fortune to install and maintain, but with a few ingenious lighting hacks, homeowners can create a beautiful outdoor ambiance. Moreover, modern technology allows homeowners and electricians to get more creative than ever. Consider the following ideas for your next outdoor lighting project.

Pathway Lighting Illuminates the Ground

Well lights are used to edge stepping stones that lead from one area of the yard to the next. These lights are actually buried in the ground, effectively hiding the fixture. An interesting plan is to bury them in a random pattern, so they resemble stars that have fallen to earth.

Eclectic Event Lighting

Another creative idea for landscape lighting is to break glow sticks inside old mason jars and set them around the lawn. Perfect for evening parties or events, the simple “installation” does not require any electricity. Get someone to help set up as the effect will not last long, and make sure to use safety goggles.

Look to the Trees

Try hanging multi-sized, old fashioned bulbs on tree limbs for a floating orb effect. Or try this quirky, avant-garde idea of shading the lightbulbs in colored dresses. Those with a crafty side can create lanterns using old cans and a drill, or a hammer and a nail. Simply drill the desired pattern into the can, insert a solar-powered LED light, attach a metal handle and hang the lantern on a tree branch.

Wall Lights Can Create an Optical Illusion

Wall lights will have a dramatic effect on how the exterior of the home appears at night. Try experimenting with different colors and light cone diameters to exaggerate certain architectural details, such as columns, or add dimension to plain walls.

Colored Lights Set the Mood for any Season

Homeowners who love getting festive, but dislike decorating, should choose color-changing lights. These adaptable lights have color-settings to fit any holiday or season. For instance, instead of stringing Christmas lights every December and taking them down every January, simply adjust the color settings of the existing outdoor lighting. On game days, sports fans can change the outdoor lighting to match their team’s colors.

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