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Why You Should Consider a New Service Panel

Santa Rosa, CA electrical installation means keeping the systems in our older homes up to date, as well as preventing problems in newer homes with more modern systems. A key part of your electrical system is the service panel: the steel box that holds the circuits and circuit breakers that control the flow of electricity throughout your home. Service panels can be a tricky replacement, but it may be necessary to keep your home electricity flowing. Here’s some reasons why you should consider a new service panel.

  • You want to upgrade from fuses to circuit breakers. Older homes may use fuses instead of circuit breakers, which aren’t as safe and need to be replaced every time one of them blows. Circuit breakers are safer and meet with modern electrical codes, but using them means installing a service panel to hold them.
  • You need additional circuit breakers. A service panel holds a set number of circuit breakers in them. You may need to expand those breakers to cover new outlets or additional parts of the house. If your service panel can’t hold all of them, you’ll need to install a new one that does.
  • The existing panel is damaged. Rust and corrosion can created problems with your existing service panel, and wear and tear can take their toll as well. A damage service panel may not be safe, especially if it can no longer safely hold the circuit breakers in place.

Regardless of why you should consider a new service panel, it’s not an operation you should attempt to undertake yourself. A trained electrician, with experience and know-how on his side, will install a new service panel safely and efficiently, while ensuring that it adheres to all existing electrical codes. In Santa Rosa, CA, electrical installation services are provided by Mister Sparky, whose trained experts can install a new service panel in your home. We know how important your electrical system is, and we know you need it to function properly the first time every time. Call us today to set up an appointment, and let us show you what a difference we can make.