Earth Day Energy Conservation Tip

Did you know that despite improvements in technology and efficiency, the U.S. still wastes more energy than it uses? The country is just 43.8% energy efficient.[1] That means more than half of our energy is wasted each year.

It’s no secret we’re using more energy today than ever before, but there are still simple things we can do to help reduce the effect our energy consumption is having on our planet.

Mister Sparky Electrical Services wants to make it possible for every American to do their part to conserve energy, and in honor of Earth Day (April 22) we’ve compiled a list of tips to do so. (Not to mention, conserving electricity with these tricks will cut utility bills!)

Consider the following:

  • Simply unplugging electrical appliances when you’re not using them will help reduce 1% of CO2 emissions. [2]
  • Lighting installation – By replacing all of the regular incandescent light bulbs in your home with new CF or LED lights, you’ll save energy and money on your utility bill. Up to a whopping 98% of the energy incandescent bulbs consume is wasted as heat, not light.[3]
  • Electricity can also be wasted by a bad breaker or loose connections at the breaker box. You should have a trained professional, like one of our electricians, conduct a breaker maintenance check every year to help minimize some costs.
  • Consider installing a ceiling fan to help cool your home during the upcoming summer heat, without having to crank up your A/C. Better yet, install an ENERGY STAR qualified ceiling fan, which is 50% more efficient than the conventional ceiling fan.[4]

Call Mister Sparky Electrical Services today to learn about our special Earth Day offers and federal rebates for energy-efficient appliances.





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